Jump into the meme stream and enjoy!

It’s Monday morning, and the only thing harder to find than a smile is enough coffee to keep you going. No matter what your job or situation, Mondays are tough for all of us – that’s why we’ve put together this compilation of photos that are guaranteed to make you crack a smile – even if you’re buried under a mound of paperwork and backed up emails. Trust us – #17 will definitely make your day better.

1.The Gentleman dog.

Benson, its time to leave this place.

2.lyanna mormont is next.

Now I know who is Martin’s next target.

3.Dogs in their hoods!

They also look like as if they are posing for an early 2000’s rap album cover.

4.Perfectly timed photo.

Best animal photo bomb ever! A whale with a sense of humor and a bird who likes to pose.

5.He’s got my vote!

With all the shady politicians out there right now this is one I could support.

6.He’s loving it.

He looks so proud of himself and his smile says it all!