17 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Super Hotties

Do you remember that fat guy ‘Drake Parker’ from Drake & Josh show or geeky guy ‘Neville’ from Harry potter? They were nerdy and geeky in those times but time has taken a turn now.

These child stars got hot with time & now we can say that ” Puberty, you’re doing it right.” Now, they are famous celebrities.

Celebrity childhood photos always inspire us to achieve great things.

1.Brian Falduto.

Brian Falduto is an actor, known for School of Rock (2003). Now, he works for a local radio show as is keen to get back into acting.

2.Aria Wallace.

She is best known for her guest role as Amanda “Mandy” Valdez on the hit Nickelodeon comedy-sitcom iCarly, and also well known for her role as Roxy Hunter in the four Nickelodeon Original Movies of the same name.

Aria is an amazing actress who is now working on music!

3.Parker McKenna Posey.

Parker McKenna Posey, the former cute and cuddly kid who starred as Kady Kyle opposite Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell-Martin on the popular 2000s sitcom My Wife and Kids, time has been extremely kind to all of her attributes.

Now 20-years-old, the young starlet has gained a sizeable following on her social media accounts because quite frankly, she looks damn good. However there is a fine line between flaunting ones asset and just being plain thirsty for attention.

4.Tahj Mowry.

Tahj Mowry had lovable kid roles throughout the 1990s, appearing mostly on television. His most recognizable role came as child genius TJ Henderson on the sitcom “Smart Guy.”

Mowry now continued to act after the cancellation of “Smart Guy” and has appeared on “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Desperate Housewives.”

5.Jaleel White.

White became something of a cultural icon as the next door neighbor nerd Steve Urkel on the long-running sitcom “Family Matters.” White parlayed his success as Urkel into merchandising, and took on a writing career, penning several episodes of “Family Matters.”

Now, White continues to act in television and films, starring in the sitcom “Grown Ups” and providing the voice for Sonic in the” Sonic the Hedgehog” animated series. In 2012, he did an acclaimed guest spot on “Dancing with the Stars.”

6.Bonnie Wright.

Foraying into acting at 9 years old, Bonnie Wright will always be better known for her role of Ginny as part of the Weasley redhead clan in the Harry Potter series.
Today, she continues to work in the entertainment business in projects that are a far cry from wizards and muggles.