Instructions are tough, especially if you’re a person who really needs them. I’m a person who needs them, so I think they’re important. Except they’re never clear enough. Maybe I’m just the dumbass instruction writers loathe because I make their job a lot harder than it needs to be, or maybe instructions just aren’t put simply enough. For my own sake, I’m gonna go with Ockham’s razor here and argue the latter.

Instructions aren’t clear enough. The people writing them need to consider that maybe some people learn and digest information at a different level. Hopefully, they can avoid future situations like these.

1.Go on…lets do it!

I hope he remembers what he has to do.

2.Pizza box instructions.

The 10-12 minutes being the same for soft crust and crisp crust? I should have cleared that up in the description.

3.Oh, so that’s how they do it…

Its impressive though, but I still wonder, how this could work?

4.Please place baby in trash can.

“If you miss, the baby in the can will clean it up for you.”

5.Waiting for a pileup to happen.

So much confusion, street light revolution is always the worst.

6.When you take instructions literally.

The last photo taken just before he decapitated himself.