16 Things You Never Notice About Things You See Everyday

There are a load of things we all see every day but pay no attention to. We have compiled a list of 15 things you will have probably seen at some point but never noticed before.

“The Big Bang Theory” Might Seem Familiar

If you’re a kid who grew up in the ‘90s, then you’ll probably remember the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory.

It was a show about a genius young boy with a hidden laboratory who was trying to survive life with his average family.

But as an adult, whenever you watch the show The Big Bang Theory, you may see similarities to Dexter’s Laboratory.

It turns out that the show was actually based on the cartoon.

Minnie Mouse’s Dress

Minnie and Mickey Mouse are a timeless couple, and their story is one people love.

But have you ever noticed something strange about Minnie’s dress?

It seems rather phallic, doesn’t it?

How Mario Jumps

If you’ve played Mario before you’ve probably noticed Mario has a funny way of jumping.

But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that he has been breaking them with his fist all along!

Speaking of Mario…

If there are any Mario fans who also liked the game Space Invaders then you may have noticed this small detail from both games.

We all know that Mario wears a pair of red overalls, but have you ever really looked at the shape of them?

If you look closely, you’ll actually notice that it copies the exact shape of one of the aliens from the game.

And One More Mario Thing…

Mario games are filled with secrets because we have another design detail that you probably didn’t notice.

Super Mario Bros. features a bright blue sky with puffy clouds in many of its levels, and there are also some green bushes lining the ground too.

But it turns out that they’re actually the same shape.