16 Simple Life Hacks to Help You Look Great Every Single Day

Your pants won’t stop clinging to your skin due to static; your new shoes hurt your feet as they don’t quite fit yet; your shirt has unexpectedly shrunk in the wash.  Now all these problems will soon disappear with these great life hacks!

Let’s take a look.

1.Keep Jewelry Clean

Use transparent nail polish to hide scratches from jewelry.

2.Stains On Leather

Apply a mixture of vinegar and water and rub it to get rid of stains on leather.

3.Oily Stains On Your Clothes

Just use baby powder to get rid of oily stains on your clothes.

4.How To Save A Shrunken T-Shirt

Wash your shrunken item of clothing with shampoo and leave for half an hour. Then Place the shirt between two towels for ten minutes.

5.Fluff On Your Clothes

Just use a safety razor to get rid of fluff from your clothes.

6.Jeans Fading

Just add some vinegar in water before washing jeans.