Our sense of fashion is a very personal thing. It’s one of the things that matters to a lot of people (for a number of reasons). Men and women make fashion choices every day based on what’s comfortable, what looks good on them, and what makes them feel good about themselves during the day.

But sometimes, we all make poor fashion choices. Some people just don’t care about what others think. Others might be committing fashion crimes without even knowing it. Men have things they hate to see women wear (peplum skirts, oversized clothes, flashy nails, etc). And the same concept applies all the way around; most women definitely have a fashion item they don’t like to see on men.

If you’re a woman reading this list of male fashion trends most women hate, you’ll probably agree with one or more of the items on it. If you’re a guy doing one of these things, don’t fret! Not all women dislike the things in this list, and you shouldn’t stop doing your thing just because it’s included here.

But just in case you were still curious, here are 16 male fashion trends that women actually hate (or at least dislike).

1. Bushy Beards

Look, unless you spend 300 days out of the year in the woods, roaming around with bears, you should reconsider the bushy beard. Sure, it may suit you, I’ll give you that, but no woman wants to kiss a guy with a beard that holds half of the food you ate on the day. Also, we really don’t want to search for your lips every time we go in for a kiss.

2. Skinny jeans

First off, this is a health risk. I mean come on, do you want to jeopardize your chance of having babies for fashion? Even if you’re not into kids, you need to do away with this fashion trend. Especially if your legs look better in skinny jeans than the girl you’re dating. That’s just cruel.

3. Ill-fitting suits

It’s not like we expect you to buy a custom suit every time. You can buy a suit off-the-rack and have a tailor sew it in to fit you better at a low fee. It just takes some effort guys.

4. Socks and sandals

Ah, a classic. Every guy knows this one’s bad. It has made every worst male fashion trends list. And yet, men are still trying to rock the socks and sandals combo. It’s like they want to repel us and, well, it’s working.

5. Vests

Unless you are a waiter, please stop wearing vests over T-shirts, buttoned up shirts or with nothing underneath. If we want to date a waiter, we would date a waiter. It’s not like it’s giving you extra coverage in winter or something. Burn them now.

6. Popped shirt collars

Why? Do you want people to know you are an jerk? Because this is what you’re saying with that raised collar. Wear that shirt the way it was supposed to be worn.