The more “like us” a celebrity is, the more we like them. Especially if it’s a bad, “damn you’re ugly” kind of way. Baggy eyes, patchy skin, crappy hair, picking their nose and eating it while shopping for Faygo and Cheez-Its at Food Lion — we love nothing more than to heroically slay the fame monster, forcefully chucking carefully marketed models of perfection off their polished, cat-poop-stain-free pedestal so we can finally see them as one of us.

But, as it turns out, many of these celebrities aren’t truly like us — they’re way more disgusting than that, with bafflingly terrible health habits that don’t make you admire them so much as they make you wonder how the fuck these people even begin to function on their own.

1. Suki Waterhouse Doesn’t Bother To Change Her Clothes For Bed

The model Suki Waterhouse also has strange, gross habits. One such habit is sleeping with her clothes on. The model has said – “I’ll sleep in my clothes sometimes. I sleep in my clothes all the time, actually – in my coat. I just hate getting changed for bed; I like the idea of falling asleep in a natural way. It’s a bad habit, but I will sleep in all my clothes, under the covers. I don’t know, it’s a comfort thing; I just want to be constantly wrapped in stuff.”

Funnily enough, Waterhouse was a bit of a tomboy growing up and never wanted to be a model. Waterhouse became a model just to get away from her parents and school.

2. Britney Spears Keeps Leftover Food Under Her Bed

It is said that the singer Britney Spears likes to keep leftover junk food under her bed for quick access. Apparently, the singer keeps McDonald’s burgers and half-eaten Subway sandwiches under her bed just so that she doesn’t have to go to the kitchen if she suddenly gets hungry.

Supposedly the singer never finishes her food so stores it under her bed. She then takes a nap or leaves the room for a couple of hours before returning and finishing the “half-eaten burgers, fries and cookies”. Maybe that’s why Spears was so chubby a few years ago. She has lost some weight since, so perhaps she has stopped her gross habit of saving her leftovers for later.

3. Naya Rivera Doesn’t Shower Every Day

The actress Naya Rivera apparently doesn’t like to shower too often. In fact, according to Rivera, showering daily is “such a white people thing.” Sounds like Rivera’s personal hygiene is also questionable.

In 2015, Rivera was guest-hosting the U.S TV series, The View, when she surprised everyone by saying – “I have to say I have a theory about showering, which is that I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics. I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.”

As you can imagine, this remark was quite controversial and did not sit well with a lot of people. Rivera then added, – “A study says, dermatologist say you are only supposed to shower once or twice every three days so I’m right on the mark.”

4. Cameron Diaz Wears The Same Clothes For Four Days And Then Throws Them Away

The actress Cameron Diaz is not very hygienic either. She doesn’t seem to care much about her appearance either and hates picking out clothes to wear every day. In fact, Diaz said – “I actually buy my own clothes. It’s kind of a drag. But I have a new philosophy, now I always wear whatever I’m wearing, the same outfit, for four days, and I never wear it again.”

That sounds kind of lazy, doesn’t it? Thankfully, the actress claims that she doesn’t apply the same, weird philosophy to her underwear. She said – “I do change my underwear though.” Well, that’s a relief…

5. Uma Thurman Doesn’t Wash Her Clothes

It turns out that the actress Uma Thurman has awful personal hygiene. Apparently, she’s not too keen on washing her clothes. One stylist that worked with Thurman said – “I worked with her on a shoot for a major fashion house. She’d often show up wearing clothes covered in crusty smelly food. I pulled a piece of shrimp off her back that I swear was two weeks old.”

How gross is that? You’d never tell Thurman was so disgusting by looking at her, would you? Just imagine how gross her house might be – clothes scattered everywhere, gone-off shrimp on the floor….

6. Kourtney Kardashian Refused To Wear Deodorant While Breastfeeding

Apparently Kourtney Kardashian wants to lead an all-natural and holistic lifestyle, especially now that she is raising two kids, Mason, Penelope and Reign Aston. However, it looks like Kourtney might be taking her natural lifestyle too far. In 2013, during the season premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Kourtney’s then boyfriend and the father of her children, Scott Disick, complained about Kourtney’s natural smell.

Apparently, Kourtney doesn’t use deodorant. During the show, Khloe asked Scott if he could smell Kourtney’s body odor, to which he replied – “Yeah. She reeks. Only because she doesn’t believe in wearing deodorant because she thinks it’s bad for her breastfeeding or something.”