15 Photos That Will Make You Cry, And Feel Better

There’s still joy on the internet sometimes!

1. Young Christian Golczynski is given a flag at his father’s funeral. Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus Golczynski was killed in Iraq in 2007.

2. 5-year-old Tanisha Blevin comforts 105-year-old Nita LaGarde during the Hurricane Katrina evacuation. A century apart, yet right beside each other.

3. Terri Gurrola finally gets to see her daughter after a tour in Iraq. Overcome with emotion she breaks down immediately.

4. Police dog Figo says goodbye to his fallen partner. 33-year-old Jason Ellis had died five days earlier in an ambush.

5. Meghan Vogel shows the greatest act sportsmanship, helping her competitor across the finish line.  Arden McMath had collapsed during the race just moments before, but was helped to her feet by Vogel, who wouldn’t let her lie on the track.