Mother knows best — except maybe when it comes to texting. She tries — and sometimes she succeeds — but more often than not you’re just glad that she can’t see you rolling your eyes at your phone.

But have patience. After all, she did bring you into this world — a world before emoticons and abbreviations — so the least you can do is play along…and reply immediately, lest you wish to incur the wrath of 25 continuous, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” frantic texts.

Here are a few hilarious texts only our mothers could send!

1. Pilot Season

At least she tried to remember what you were talking about earlier before you went to your concert.

2. News Mom

She’s always up to date on the latest grizzly news.

3. Teaching Mom

‘Is she your new girlfriend? When will I meet her?’

4. Clarification

I thought I’d let you know just in case you got confused.


5. Danger Zone

She just wants her precious baby to be safe!


Wait, has she already started digging a hole for the body?