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15 Bad Private Lady Part Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

Whether athletic, bookish, or artistic, women of all shapes and sizes have one thing in common: a complicated and intricate downstairs. Let’s face it, the lady flower is super important. Not only is it necessary for the release of bodily fluids, but it also plays a huge role when a woman decides to have a baby!

As important as our honeypots are, it’s no secret that people of both genders find it a little uncomfortable to talk about. Even going to the doctor to have a regular check-up can be embarrassing and even stressful.

When young girls are growing up, they are either taught minimally about it in health classes or through the ‘birds and the bees’ chat.

Whether you’re fully aware of what’s going on downstairs or could use some tips and pointers, there are probably a few things you’ve been doing that you should stop as soon as possible. Here are 15 bad lady part habits that you need to stop this instant!

1. Cleaning: 

If you thought you were supposed to clean the inside of your lady parts, you need to stop! One of the cool things about lady flowers is that they are self-cleaning. There are good bacteria in there called lactobacilli which take care of hygiene for you. Cleaning yourself too much would actually strip you of the good bacteria and promote the growth of bad ones, which can lead to infections.


2. Be gentle:

When you hear that it’s self-cleaning down there you might be thinking you don’t have to do anything at all. However, there are separate parts to your lady bits. Though the internal parts should be left alone, the external bits still need some maintenance. So don’t forget to rinse up with some water and a washcloth as the skin down there is sensitive.


3. Don’t use scented or colored soaps.:

As I mentioned previously, it’s best to stick to water. If you want to feel a little fresher, go with a gentle or natural soap. Scented and dyed soaps can lead to irritation of the skin downstairs.

Source:- smosh