While most parents have to get creative every now and then to teach their kids an effective lesson, some take their techniques to a whole other level.  To celebrate those parents who went above-and-beyond with their creativity, we’re highlighting nine dads who might as well be named Father of the Century.

Their techniques were so out-of-the-box,  they were even showcased online where they went viral for all to enjoy. And while their kids may not have always been laughing in the moment, we sure hope they are laughing now.

1. Any dad can play with his daughter, but it takes a special kind of dad to make his very own tutu out of whatever is available so that their ballet lessons are as authentic as possible. Three cheers for this guy!

2. This father has no problem at all with letting his daughter decorate his beard with flowers. Not only is he getting a pretty cool makeover, but he’s showing the true love and tenderness he feels for his little girl. What a beautiful family portrait.

3. Confidence is dressing up like a mermaid king and strutting through the crowded streets of your summer resort while clutching your daughter’s hand and smiling brightly. This is one guy who knows how to treat his little princess!

4. Here’s a dad whose only crime is loving his kid just too darn much. Look at the priceless expression on that baby’s face! He’s just so excited to play dress up and be a part of his dad’s bank robber Halloween costume. These two look like they’re about to steal a lot of hearts!