14 Awesome Food Hacks That Every Home Cook Should Know

Every home cook has their most-hated kitchen task. For me, peeling hard-boiled eggs and garlic are pretty high up there. Actually, peeling just about anything is, but for every annoying job, there’s a shortcut to make it easier.

From the folks at Household Hacker, here are 10 great hacks for making your day-to-day kitchen chores less painful.

Rapid Ripening

Want your peaches and your bananas to ripen faster?

Simply place them in a paper bag to help them ripen faster.

The bag will help by concentrating ethylene gas which will make it ripen faster.

Mango Peel

Use the side of a glass to perfectly peel your mango.

Easy Use Chopsticks

For this easy hack all you have to do is take a plastic soda bottle cap and cut two holes in its lip on one side and a rounded rectangle on the opposite side. Then, push two chopsticks through the holes of the cap.

This method will make your chopsticks easier to use.

Keep Tomatoes Fresh

You can keep your tomatoes fresher for longer by storing them with the stem end down. This prevents air from getting into the stems.

Your tomatoes will also last longer at room temperature.

I don’t know about you but I always struggle cutting cherry tomatoes. 

But thankfully, there’s an easy way to fix it.

Simply place your cherry tomatoes between two plates and run a sharp knife in between the two plates.

This will allow you to cut the tomatoes with ease.

Easy French Fries

Use an apple slicer on a potato. This will make fry-sized potato wedges.