1.But, its better than having periods.

At least it comes back to normal in sometime and doesn’t last for days.

2.That random erection at the wrong time.

I feel like this is one of those things that girls just can’t understand, like how a guy just won’t ever fully understand what it’s like having a period.

3.Trimming boosts your confidence.

Some dudes go full bush, some dudes trim it down, some dudes go totally bald, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a general expectation that male pubic hair should be any particular way.

4.Also when someone does ALL your laundry.

Its better you do your laundry on your own, rather than making other people embarrassing.

5.Finally when you get a chance to scratch it.

You employ the “pinch & roll” technique.
Every man should learn this technique its very useful.

6.And when your balls starts itching and you can’t scratch them because you are in public.

I m sure it happens everywhere in the world, not just here, its individual hygienic issue we are dealing with, clean it.