1.  This photo of an adorable brother and sister embracing is seriously about to melt my heart. Plus, let’s all take into account how strong this sister is to be able to just lift her brother up like that. What could make it look even better or, dare I say, cuter?

By simply adding in some beautiful fall leaves and changing the lighting in the picture, this photo takes on a whole different feel. Not only is it still adorable and sweet but it’s also warm and welcoming. Definitely suitable for a family picture or just a card to be sent to relatives.

2. This photo of a girl sitting on a windowsill while contemplating life is soft and sweet. Although the cup of coffee or water that is hanging precariously close to the edge is a little off-putting. I wonder what caused her to be so deep in thought? Take a look at how this image was improved.

Add a little bit of photoshop to it, and you have a completely different picture. By simply adding the effect of nighttime coupled with the city lights and buildings, the photoshopper made the picture even more amazing. And check out that city skyline! It looks like a movie poster, don’t you think?

3. Who wants a picture of themselves crouching in the bushes beside a brick wall?Especially when all of the vegetation is covering her whole face and body, and there are probably plenty of creepy crawlies all over her body by now. For a lesson in framing, take a look at how this picture was improved.

Well, you’ll have to thank the Photoshop gods for being able to take something pretty uninspiring and turning it into what looks like expert photography. Kudos to the model for sticking through it and crouching in a not-so-optimal location. She’s the real pro in this story.

4. The original photo of this woman seems perfect. She looks beautiful, natural, and emits a certain kind of radiant, glowing beauty. What more can be done to this already gorgeous piece of art? Leave it to the imagination of the Photoshop masters. The end result is nothing you could have imagined!

The photoshopped picture of her as a robot is even more beautiful, and not to mention mind blowing. Although a little bit creepy, it might be more philosophical in nature. It could be a little foreshadowing to the coming together of biology and technology. Or it could be a glimpse into the future where robots take over. Take your pic!