Being in a bathroom can be quite a relaxing experience as you excrete waste slowly but surely. You feel at ease not just because of your bodily functions, but because of the tranquillity inside the bathroom.

But what if the bathrooms are awkwardly designed? Check out these awkward bathrooms that will are just too strange to ignore.

1.We invite you!

In business we’ve all had to kiss-ass but this is going a bit too far. Will you take a pee in toilet’s like this?

2.This awkward toilet.

I would rather control my bowel movement than seating on this toilet.

3.When the world’s friendliest urinal happened.

Now, you can talk with the other guy while you pee. This makes urination a social activity now.

4.Scary bottomless bathroom.

Standing in the bathroom, maybe you always fear that you’ll fall down. Imagine what will happen to a drunk person if he goes in this bathroom?

5.The high-rise bathroom.

Experience a giant’s perspective while you sit on the toilet. Also you’ll feel like many people are watching you from outside their apartment units.

6.Pooping with the fishes.

Bathroom with an aquarium, but what if you are in the middle of pushing out a block, you know what I mean and then you get scared by some strange fish?
I bet the fish do not want to see you doing your thing.