Some would argue that the best dads out there are the ones that are a little overprotective. The dad that stands watch, guarding a daughter’s every move. The dads who are terrified of losing control, or of being replaced by an unworthy subject. And even though they may go to unnecessary lengths to show their devotion, you cannot deny their love. So remember ladies, however annoying it can be, one day you will find it pretty entertaining. Just as these 10 photos prove; overprotective dad’s are oftentimes HILARIOUS!


There are things I’m sure you don’t wanna….

2.You got to be kidding!!


How come I don’t have this kind of dad?

God, why not me?

3.He had to do it..

I understand totally..

Why can’t a parent that BALD & cute show off..

Last of these comin’ up!!


You got to come visit my home some day..

I bet you’ll change your attitude!!

5.That’s a great tip

Thanks sir.. You saved your daughter a date!!

6.Well.. Well..

You won a lot of dates for yourself, didn’t ya?