Nutrition is key to maintaining the function of your body, and a healthy lifestyle will benefit you in the long run (more than you know).

A good diet consists of everything in moderation. There’s fat, carbohydrates, protein and fibers… all of these should be consumed but in an intermediate level of consumption that would allow your body to maximize the benefits, yet not be overwhelmed with the particular types of nutrients.

If you want to switch up your diet and switch to that healthy lifestyle than check out these 10 foods that are the basis of a good diet and nutrition.

1.Green tea.

This nearly-magical beverage is one of the healthiest things you can put in your body. It’s packed with antioxidants that can help you lose weight. Research has shown that the active compounds in green tea can help mobilize fat from your cells. It works by boosting the effects of your fat burning hormones.

2. Yogurt.

Natural yogurt contains probiotics that can improve the processes happening in your stomach. A healthy stomach can protect against leptin resistance, which is one of the hormonal reasons for obesity. Make sure you choose full-fat, natural yogurt and not the low-fat or flavored kind. The latter type of yogurt is full of sugar and associated with diabetes and heart disease.

3. Oatmeal.

Studies have shown that people who eat a regular oatmeal breakfast instead of cold cereal saw healthier levels of cholesterol and significant weight loss. Why? Because oatmeal provides enough fiber to keep you full and satisfied for an entire morning (or until lunchtime kicks in). Make sure you eat rolled oats rather than the sugary instant packets.

Jenny Craig