This is incredible! Want to learn something new? Just simply look at these photos and be amazed. You probably haven’t seen any of these before, but yes these they actually exist.  Check out these rare and unusual photos that will blow your mind!

1.Shine Bright Like A Diamond..

But these aren’t diamonds, just a microscopic view of graduated sugar.

2.Any 90’s Kid Here?

As they’d recognize it well. Yes this dress is made up a cassette tape

3.The Inside Story..

This weirdly looking picture is nothing but inside of the starfish’s mouth.

I’m sure you’re amazed by now but two more coming up.

4.The Closeup..

Ever noticed how the tongue of your little cat looks like ? Here’s a closer look.

5.From The 14th Century.

I bet you won’t believe me if I say that this pair of shoes is from 14th century.

6.With All His ‘Heart’

This farmer, Hiroichi Kimura, from Kumamato Prefecture in Japan managed to grow a heart shaped watermelon.