10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Had Expiration Dates

Some common household items don’t always necessarily have a listed “expiration date,” but will still lose their effectiveness over time.

It’s common knowledge that standard household items like milk and eggs go bad, they have clearly marked expiration dates on their packaging and you are told at a young age to check this before consuming or using these products.

Our list of ’10 Common Household Items You Didn’t Realize Had Expiration Dates ’ don’t always necessarily have a listed “expiration date,” but will still lose their effectiveness over time. Some things, like car seats can actually be dangerous once they pass their usefulness date. Other things, like sunscreen and peroxide, just plain stop working when expired.


1. Car Seats


All manufacturers of car and booster seats set an expiry date on their seats.  The length of useful life varies and is most often a set amount of time from the date of manufacture.  The date of manufacture is found on a sticker somewhere on the seat, but sometimes in an awkward spot and is only visible once the seat is uninstalled. Once a seat has expired, destroy it. Do not give it to a friend or relative to use as it is now deemed unsafe. The same goes if the seat was installed in a car during an accident as the plastic may have warped, etc. Yes, they are expensive but what matters is who is sitting in the car seat stays safe.

2. Pacifier


The pacifier that you give your little baby when he/she is crying becomes a hub for germs after 2-5 weeks.

3. Towels


Towels are another household item that we don’t think twice about keeping for a long time, but like pillows, they need to be replaced every few years. Because they are often moist, towels can be breeding grounds for bacteria that aren’t killed by just throwing your towel in the wash.